If you suspect that your child injured his/her finger, depending on how old they are they may not let you examine it. No matter how many times you demand to see your child’s hand they will simply not let you.

One thing I learned over the years teaching First Aid is that if a child broke his or her finger it will hurt A LOT and they wont be able to move it which means that if they could move it then its probably not broken. Simply ask your son or daughter to make a fist. If they can do it then chances are there are no broken fingers. This works almost all the time for me when dealing with my kids. They have no idea that you are really checking their hand. Once you see that they could make a fist you could get up and say “Your fine” and walk away.

This article was originally published on my parenting blog at Husbandhood.net

Fractures and splinting techniques are covered in the Toronto First Aid and CPR courses and in the Infant / Child emergency course.

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