This post comes from personal experience after having been stung by a Yellow Jacket three summers ago. Being a First Aid/CPR instructor I knew what to do and quickly treated myself.

Make a paste using Baking Soda and water and place it on the sting.

Three summers ago while I was outside on my deck, I got stung by a wasp for the very first time after accidentally placing my hand on it. I noticed right away that it was Yellow Jacket as it fell to the floor. The pain was intense.

I ran into the house and quickly made my baking soda and water concoction and rubbed it on my wrist. I looked at my watch to see how long it would take for the pain to go away.

The pain was gone in ten seconds. I couldn’t believe how well and fast it worked.

They now sell at your local pharmacy or drug store After Bite sting relief. The main ingredient: Baking soda. I bought one since I don’t usually carry around a box of baking soda.

Some important facts:

-Yellow Jackets have straight stingers and can sting repeatedly whereas Honey bees have barbed stingers and can only sting their victim once.

-Before treating a Honey bee sting make sure to remove the embedded stinger. Do not pull out the stinger either with your fingers or tweezers as this will cause more venom to be squeezed from the stinger sac into the sting. Rather, knock out the stinger by scraping the surface of the skin at a 45 degree angle with a credit card.

-Honey bee venom is also acidic and can be treated by applying a baking soda paste as well.

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